CitySingers welcomes opportunities to discover new talent to complement its current ensemble. We welcome qualified singers of all races and nationalities.

If you love to sing and want to be part of a disciplined group of vocalists with musical camaraderie, City Singers offers a challenge to singers with choral experience to performance of an eclectic selection of music ranging from Bach to traditional folk songs.

Singers Enjoy:

  • The challenge of creating a pure blend of voices in a cappella arrangements.
  • An opportunity to perform a variety of musical styles from Renaissance motets to American Spirituals.
  • Unique uplifting programming that integrates arts through collaborations with dance, dramatic readings and visual arts.
  • An opportunity to experience the rich heritage of other cultures by singing traditional music from Russia, France, Ireland and Germany, among others in original languages
  • Singing Choral music with many types of accompaniments from Orchestra to multi-cultural ensembles.
  • Participation in a nonprofit organization that brings the universal gift of chamber choral music to the Greater Hartford community.

A profile of the CitySingers includes:

  • Choral experience and an ability to blend in a small ensemble.
  • Commitment to make Monday evenings rehearsals from 7:00 - 9:30 PM a priority. (Rehearsals are held in West Hartford.)
  • Willingness to participate in the life of the group through music preparation, promotion of the group and performance, contribution, according to ability, of non-musical skills, monetary donation, and compliance to performance dress code.
  • The desire to have fun making music as a significant part of a small ensemble.

Our mixed Chamber ensemble is comprised of men and women who are professionals and gifted amateurs with experience in school, church, or community choirs. All of us share a common belief that Music is the universal Language of all people. Members of the CitySingers of Hartford come from over 10 towns surrounding Hartford, CT. The Group's make up is as eclectic as the music we perform with singers who are:

  • Design Engineers
  • Financial Services Professionals
  • School Teachers
  • Attorneys
  • Church Cantors
  • Conference Planners
  • Corrections Officers
  • Emergency Room Technicians
  • Medical Laboratory Technicians
  • Nursing Home Administrators
  • Homemakers

If you think you might like to share your musical abilities with and through
CitySingers of Hartford, we would like to know about you!

Auditions are by Appointment

Please contact our Artistic Director
Suzanne Gates @
or write her an email


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For more information about CitySingers of Hartford, write us an email.